Stuff other than comics

At the moment, I'm REALLY enjoying making comics, but I also want to pursue other things such as;

Twitch - I basically play video games all day long, and I would love to stream that, as well the drawing of my comics. The issue right now is that I live in this crappy country called Australia where we're stuck in the 90's and our internet is shite. So for now that aint gonna happen. But I swear on me mum it will.

Animation - I absolutely suck at animating, but I want to improve. Maybe someday I'd create a youtube channel for them, but first comes actually improving at the skill. I will be studying animation at University so hopefully that helps.

Commissions(?) - I absolutely LOVE drawing requests, so soon I might do a weekly commission for a lucky fan, and possibly paid ones for anyone who wants.

Interacting more with you guys (this blog is a start although I'm not sure anyone reads this, which is why no one will know that I am the Zodiac Killer) - IĀ feel like I'm not in touch with my audience, so soon I'll want to do a QnA, maybe even commission sort of dealio? Who knows.

Anyway that's it, for the one person that reads this you are a very exceptional human being and I'm sure that you attract many humans of the opposite or same sex.